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The Career Exploration Podcast

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Who are we?

Three young adults- Jyothika, Schenelle, and Aarushi- have set out to explore the daunting yet exciting world of careers. Join them as they speak to professionals from all around the world and test the waters of what this world has to offer in an attempt to find their own path with this podcast as a means.

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The Meaning

The unalome is a symbol for the journey path to enlightenment. It reminds us that the path isn’t always straight, perfect, or even in the “right” direction. Our paths to awakening are filled with missteps and lessons to learn.

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Our Values

"One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth."

With the sudden bombardment of technology and every answer being available just a few clicks away we are simply no longer thinking critically. Our curiosity quotient has dropped significantly and so much is missed and so much of life is missed out.  It’s not that people don't want to step outside their comfort zones, it's that they don't know where it ends and it’s this fear of not knowing that keeps them complacent. Taking risks and exploring new avenues helps us evolve and grow as individuals and helps us learn where our interests lie , where our talents and passions will take us and at the same time makes us aware of our strengths and weaknesses. Building self-esteem and confidence by tackling the unknown enables us to push our boundaries and not limit ourselves. Stepping out of our comfort zones helps us explore and discover ourselves and build meaningful relationships with those around us. The unpredictability of life emphasizes on the need to have the skills and the confidence to overcome challenges  by broadening our horizons

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Latest Episodes

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24 August, 2021

Episode 11 The One with Content Creation

In today’s episode, Mr.Tamseel Hussain tells us about his journey as a content creator and what motivated him to provide a platform such as He stresses the importance of authenticity, relevance, and connecting with your audience. For people who want to take on this path, he speaks about the opportunities present and the avenues to monetize your content.

Dive into this episode to explore the world of content creation!

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7 September, 2021

Episode 12 The One with Data Science

Mr.Anand, a prolific data scientist is the founder and CEO of Gramener, a data science consulting and AI company. In today’s episode, Mr. Anand gives us an overview of the evolving field of data science. He sheds light on the various opportunities within this industry and what kind of temperament it requires. Acquainting us with real-life examples of data science, he takes us on an immersive journey through the portals of data science.

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12 October, 2021

Episode 13 The One with the Author

In today’s episode, Ms. Rupangi takes us through her journey as an author and how the process shaped her life. Her love affair with reading led to her tryst with writing from a very young age. From breaking down the process of publishing a book and walking us through the editing procedure, she also throws light on the common traps aspiring writers can fall into and provides ways to tackle them. Tune into this episode which is loaded with life-saving career advice!

"You must use your heart to decide the destination but use your mind to plot the journey"

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